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Why You Should Customize SmartCards To Your Brand

Creating a cohesive and recognizable brand is one of the fundamentals of owning and operating a business. From small businesses with a simple logo and color scheme to full campaigns and a suite of branded collateral, there are no limits to how much branding you can do as a business owner. For laundromat owners, especially those in competitive markets, branding is incredibly important. At ESD® we created the option to completely customize SmartCards so you can take advantage of highly functional payment systems while also keeping your brand top of mind.

How to customize SmartCards

Using consistent branding is an important way to make a memorable impression on your customers. In fact, consistent presentation of a brand has proven to increase revenue by up to 33%. As laundromat owners, some of the best ways to keep branding consistent include signage throughout your store, print and digital advertising and on the internet through social media platforms and your website. Another great tool that gives you even further exposure is the ESD® SmartCard. These cards are designed to be fully customizable so you can include whatever artwork best represents you and your brand. Simply include a logo or get creative with the design for a fully branded card that goes with your customers wherever they do. 

These cards are the same size as credit and debit cards and fit perfectly in wallets so when your customers are out running errands, it can serve as a small reminder they might need to visit you soon to do laundry. Plus, with a logo / design that your customers recognize it’ll be easy to quickly identify and grab the card when they’re heading to your laundromat.

How SmartCard’s work

The ESD® SmartCard system is an electronic payment system designed for vended laundromats. Its versatile, easy-to-use system is simple to manage which makes owning and operating multi-housing laundries with the SmartCard system a breeze. To use the system, customers simply purchase a SmartCard from your facility through a Value Transfer Machine. From there, they are able to load their cards with monetary value using a variety of methods like cash and credit cards.

Once the payment has been loaded on the card it’s ready for use in any washer or dryer that has a CardSlide reader. That CardSlide reads the card value and if sufficient funds are available, the reader signals the machine to start. This small card is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that you and your customers will love.

Other benefits of SmartCards

In addition to being easy-to-use and completely customizable, the SmartCard system is a great way to transition away from the usage of coins. This streamlined process takes away hassles operators face when accepting coins and provides a system that customers appreciate. With cards that are simple to use and easy to recognize you can rest assured that you’re top of mind when they need you. Keep your customers coming back with a seamless and convenient system.

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