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How ESD® MyLaundryLink Will Help Streamline Your Laundromat Business

With more people working remotely now than ever before, it’s important to have the tools you need to run your business from anywhere. In fact, according to Upwork, 41.8% of the American workforce will continue working remotely for the foreseeable future. At ESD, we were ahead of the curve when it came to providing our clients with state-of-the-art technology they would need to access while on the go. Through our cloud-based software, MyLaundryLink, managers and owners can access valuable information they need from anywhere. This technology is a game changer when it comes to efficiently managing your laundromat business.

How MyLaundryLink works for your laundromat business

Because it is an internet-based software, MyLaundryLink can be easily accessed from anywhere you are. Simply sign on using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop and get access to all the important information you need to run your business. As an added bonus, ESD’s smartphone app CyclePay is fully integrated with MyLaundryLink. This makes it so owners and operators can effortlessly manage all locations from a single interface.

The MyLaundryLink software is the ideal solution for owners who manage multiple laundromats or are simply looking for a streamlined way to run their business. Because the software is internet-based, we know that sometimes Wi-Fi isn’t the most reliable and have thought ahead. In the event of a lost internet connection, chip-based loyalty cards will still work to operate equipment. This makes it so that you don’t lose any revenue while your internet is down.

What you can track with MyLaundryLink

At ESD we know how important it is to have access to the reporting you need when you need it. By using MyLaundryLink, you can run monthly, daily, and hourly reports on all revenue generated. You can even narrow this down to each category of payment if needed to get a more dynamic report. In addition to these reports, the software gives you the tools you need to remotely track equipment usage, income, and more. Tracking is made simple with a software that gives you the ability to sift through reports and get to what you’re really looking for.

Two other benefits of MyLaundryLink

In addition to being able to access reporting remotely from any device and its advanced reporting capabilities, there are a few extra benefits.

  1. Allows online monitoring of income and usage by machine. Being able to easily check each of your machine’s usage and revenue is an amazing benefit. Gain the knowledge you need to streamline your business in a quick, efficient way.
  1. Supports remote equipment programming, and remote price adjustments. It’s nice to be able to check in on reports while you’re on the go, but even better to make real time adjustments. MyLaundryLink makes it so you can program and adjust prices from anywhere you are, so you don’t have to always be at the store. This flexibility allows you the freedom you need as a business owner / manager. 

At ESD, we are proud to be a leader in payment system solutions for vended laundries. With durable, proven systems, our payment systems are designed to help you streamline your business. It’s easy to see why ESD’s MyLaundryLink software would make running your laundromat business a breeze. If you’re interested in using one of the ESD payment systems that supports MyLaundryLink, speak with your ESD sales representative today or give us a call at 215-628-0860.