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3 Ways Loyalty Programs Help You Earn Repeat Business

Having repeat and loyal customers is the best way to gain high profit margins, especially because you’ve already won their business once and now just need to retain it. A great method to create repeat business is through the use of a loyalty program. A personalized customer experience in the laundromat industry is key to making customers feel appreciated and keeping your business top of mind when they’re ready to do their next load of laundry.

Customers feel special when they’re in the “club”

Having a loyalty program and a streamlined payment process give customers an inside feel into the brand. When a customer first enters your business, they go through the motions of learning how to navigate the store and systems to get what they came in to purchase. When someone already has membership into a loyalty program, they have a streamlined experience that psychologically makes them feel like they’re part of an exclusive club.

There is no guesswork for loyalty club members and in fact their knowledge of how to navigate your system can even turn them into “brand ambassadors”. Knowing exactly what to expect before you enter a laundromat can make the errand feel efficient and speedy which turns a chore into a quick task to check off a to do list. This can be so profitable in fact that repeat customers typically spend 67% more than first-time customers.

Sales and frequency of use are increased with loyalty programs

Its widely known that repeat customers typically spend more on each transaction. While the laundromat business is a bit different because the prices are set, the frequency at which a customer comes in can really help you boost your sales. A customer who feels confident in your product and has reminders via a smartphone app to come in and get their laundry done or take advantage of a promotion will be more likely to take action and stop by to do their laundry. Increased retention has a direct impact on increased revenue and loyalty programs help facilitate that process.

Brand awareness turns customers into ambassadors

The more often one sees branding, the more recognizable that brand becomes. As customers become used to seeing your logo and using your loyalty program, they start to become brand ambassadors for your business. This is a massive benefit in attracting new customers within your existing customer sphere through word of mouth. Brand ambassadors are also powerful tools in helping boost and strengthen your reputation which can do wonders in helping you earn repeat business.

ESD® tools that help you with your loyalty programs

At ESD® we have strategic systems and processes that can help you boost and build your loyalty programs. Through our smartphone app, CyclePay, customers can easily pay for and monitor their laundry directly from their phones. Work with our team at ESD to add the information you know your customers are looking for to the app and help create a custom experience that makes doing laundry a breeze.

Additionally, our SmartCards are a great way to create custom payment cards with your logo / branding on the front. Customers can easily store them in their wallets and use them whenever they need to do their laundry. Regardless of what you do to help increase sales and customer loyalty, it’s clear a program that proves the customer matters to you will help you boost sales and keep great customers coming back.