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What Customers Want in A Laundromat in 2021

Doing laundry is a necessity and for customers that use laundromats, convenience and cleanliness is key to a great experience. While many customers choose laundromats based on convenience and location, there are a few key elements that laundromat owners and operators can do to make experiences go from mediocre to great. At ESD® we created systems and products that can help you run your laundromat in 2021 and give your customers an experience to remember.   

Easy-to-use laundry equipment

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a laundromat and not understanding how to properly operate the machine. Especially if there isn’t a knowledgeable attendant there operating the location at all times, having easy-to-use equipment can be a game changer. Systems that are simple and have very few steps can make your customers feel confident and at ease when they come in to do their laundry. With every payment system we have manufactured, we have cut down to only a few easy-to-follow steps for each so your customers know what’s expected of them every step of the way.

Flexible payment systems

Not everyone remembers to bring a bag full of quarters when they head to the laundromat. By offering a variety of payment options you can provide the convenience and flexibility your customers want. All of our payment systems accept multiple payment methods including a combination of cash, coins, credit cards, debit cards, ESD® SmartCards, loyalty cards, and smartphone payments. Our sales team are experts when it comes to helping you pick the payment system that works for you so you can give your customers the options that work.

A clean environment

People come to laundromats to literally clean their clothes, linens, sheets, and towels and there’s nothing appealing about a dirty environment. Clean surfaces and machines are important to customers and make a difference in their experience. Proper sanitation and tidy surfaces put your customers at ease and give them an experience they’ll feel comfortable with each time they come to you to do laundry.

Quality they can count on

Energy-efficient and high-quality machines make all the difference when it comes to wearing your newly laundered shirt. Customers that use your laundromat for their cleaning needs will love your attention to detail and quality and will feel confident each time they use your services. Sleek, functional machines that clean and dry in a single cycle make a great impression.

How ESD® can help your laundromat in 2021

At ESD® we have created systems that your customers will love. Our CyclePay app is a smartphone app that makes it easy for your customers to pay for and monitor their laundry directly from their phones. With QR code integration and a system that makes it easy to pay from their phones, the convenience alone will leave a lasting impression.

Additionally, we have crafted a portfolio of highly secure and flexible payment systems so your customers can pay how they’d like. Whether you’re looking to continue accepting coins or want to accept loyalty cards and create a new experience with branded payment methods, we have options for you that your customers will love.