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Payment System Comparison: SmartLink vs CrossLink

At ESD® we’re proud to have engineered and manufactured payment systems for multi-housing laundries for more than 50 years. Throughout the years we’ve come to learn that every business has different needs when it comes to payment systems and that’s why we’ve built an extensive portfolio. Our variety of payment systems are engineered to meet your specific needs, location, and budget. While we have many different options, we decided to compare our two popular options- SmartLink vs CrossLink.

The SmartLink system uses high-speed WIFI to accept cards and is the ideal solution for those looking to accept loyalty cards in addition to credit and debit cards right at the washers and dryers. The CrossLink system allows customers to pay at the machine with cards or coins. Because it also accepts coins, the CardSlide readers are strategically located, and the system is set up in a way that is functional. Both of these payment systems are great options, but one may outweigh the other for you depending on the needs of your business.

Similarities: SmartLink vs CrossLink

First and foremost, we have built both of these systems so that they are easy to use, easy to install, and compatible with all laundry equipment on the market. Additionally, they both support the ESD® MyLaundryLink wireless system management website which can display a wide variety of reports and makes remote price adjustments and equipment programming a breeze. MyLaundryLink is a great tool for owners, operators, and managers who are looking to access information remotely and monitor income / machine usage in a quick and efficient way.

How these payment systems differ

The main difference between these two payment systems is in the methods of payment they accept. SmartLink’ single multi-use reader accepts credit cards, debit cards, and ESD® SmartCards. The SmartCard is our flagship product and is embedded with a computer chip so it can be easily used on compatible payment systems. SmartCards work similar to loyalty cards, are reusable, and can be loaded with money. As an added bonus, these cards can be customized to meet your branding and can also be used for door access and vending machines.

CrossLink allows customers to pay using coins, debit cards, and credit cards. While CrossLink doesn’t accept SmartCards, it does add the use of coins which some customers prefer. This payment system allows operators to keep their coin acceptance while also accepting credit cards and allows for remote monitoring of coins in machines for easy management.

At ESD® we manufacture a variety of flexible electronic payment systems so you can choose the one that works best for you. The SmartLink and CrossLink payment systems are ideal for multi-housing laundries and our portfolio of products also include laundromat systems and mechanical payment systems. In addition to SmartLink and CrossLink we have developed and are manufacturing other payment systems that may work better for you.

To learn more about these highly-functional electronic payment systems call ESD Inc. at 215-628-0860.