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Other Applications where ESD®’s Coin Slides are Used

At ESD® we are proud to set the standard in the industry today with our revolutionary vertical coin slide sets. As the inventors of the ESD® coin slide, we have created a streamlined system, making accepting payment a breeze for laundromat owners and operators as well as owners of arcades, bars, and other locations that include equipment that accepts coins.

People love to play video games at arcades and pool at bars and often bring coins in anticipation of these games. With over 1 trillion coins in circulation across the globe, it’s become standard for this equipment to accept coins and that’s why we created coin slides that are easy to use and easy to adjust when needed.

Coin slides at ESD®

The first of our legacy products are vertical coin slides. Today, these coin slides are manufactured in four different configurations (Vertical 4, Vertical 5, Vertical 8, and Vertical 14). Because of this, the coin slides provide maximum pricing flexibility for any vended laundry application from $0.05 to $6.50. At ESD® we are proud to provide coin slides that accept tokens and the currency of more than 70 countries across the globe.

Coin slide features and benefits

Our coin slides stand out due to their revolutionary features. This includes a design that enhances security and discourages cheating and vandalism and cases with hardened steel parts to resist damage from slamming. Additionally, the stainless-steel slide gates are intended to discourage tampering and the anti-theft deterrents include slug-attracting magnets and secondary anti-stringing security gates.

Where you’ll find ESD® coin slides

Our advanced mechanical coin slides are available in a wide range of styles and sizes and are designed to fit all laundry equipment brands. In addition to laundry equipment, these coin slides are also found on nearly every pool table, foosball table, and sticker machine in the United States. Since our coin slides are used all over the world and prices fluctuate often, we have created resources for users and laundromat owners / operators to easily change the price on these coin slides. Click here to read these step-by-step instructions.

If you are looking for payment systems that help your business run smoothly, look no further than ESD®. With systems designed to build customer loyalty and accept any combination of cash, coins, cards, and smartphone apps, we are proud of our portfolio of products and will work with you to determine what works best for your business needs. Give us a call at 800-523-1510 to learn more today.