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How to Get Help with Your ESD® Equipment

Equipment, no matter how advanced or new, can sometimes break or malfunction and when this happens it’s important for you to understand where you can go for help. At ESD® we truly stand behind our advanced electronic and mechanical payment systems, which is why we’ve created streamlined ways for you to find help when you need it. From our headquarters in Fort Washington, PA to our extensive support and FAQ help online, we are here to help when you need us.

Frequently asked questions

We know that having the tools you need is important and knowledge is power so our team put together an extensive list of resources that you can turn to. Our FAQ page on the ESD website is easy to navigate and filled with answers to hundreds of questions. This page is broken into a few simple sections:

1. FAQs for ESD equipment users. Whether you’re a resident or a manager of an apartment building or complex that uses ESD® payment systems, this is a great place to go for help. Questions in this section range from how to reload laundry cards to how to get help for any malfunctions with ESD® equipment.

2. FAQs for those using the CyberWash System. This is the ideal place to go for owners, operators, and distributors that are using the CyberWash system. Questions in this section range from how to manually synchronize the database to how to add additional machines.

3. FAQs for those using the SmartCard System. If you’re using our flagship product, the ESD® SmartCard, and need help, the answer you’re looking for is likely here. Questions in this section range from how to change the money card purchase price to explanations of different displays on the machine.

RGA Portal

If you have tried all you can to fix and remedy an issue with ESD® equipment but still need help, we have created our RGA portal. This portal is an easy place to go to submit a repair request and get the help you need in no time. This simple to use website allows you to request help and check the status of your request so you can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

Tech Support at ESD®

With both the extensive FAQ section and our RGA portal we have provided hundreds of answers and tools for those using (and needing help with) ESD® equipment. If you still have any additional questions, our tech support is available to help Monday – Friday from 8:15am to 5:00pm eastern standard time. Technical support is available after normal business hours for emergencies only and any calls or inquiries that come in after business hours will be returned the next business day. For ESD® distributors and route operators, please call technical support at 800-530-9106.

Our team at ESD® are experts in our products and technologies. With fully engineered and manufactured products in-house, we are meticulous about testing every product before it hits the market. Longevity and reliability are our goals, and every member of our team strives to make your business run seamlessly from our factory to your location. If you need any help or are curious about payment systems that could work for your business, give us a call today at 800-523-1510!