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How CyclePay Streamlines the Process of Doing Laundry

Let’s face it, customers have come to expect that almost every business has a user-friendly app and/or a mobile friendly website. Being accessible easily by smartphone is crucial for attracting (and retaining) the modern customer. Since over 85% of U.S. adults own a smartphone, it has never been more important to be a digitally savvy business and that’s why we created our CyclePay app. Not only do customers love the interface and ease of use, but the app also integrates with our payment systems and truly streamlines the process of doing laundry.

Customized signs make it easy to learn about CyclePay

Finding a way to successfully communicate with customers, especially in a setting without much face-to-face interaction, is crucial. That’s why we designed signage resources that give simple instructions on what the ESD® CyclePay app is and how to use it. As an added bonus, these signage resources are eye-catching and fully customizable to your brand so you can easily encourage the use of this app to your customers in a single attractive flyer or poster.

Customers can then easily access and navigate the app on their phone

Once your customers are aware of CyclePay and how to find it in their app store, the streamlined process begins. After downloading the app, users are prompted to create or login to an account where they can view their balance, start washers and dryers, and even view their laundry status. Then, when it’s time to do their laundry, they simply open the app and get started.

CyclePay securely stores payments so customers don’t need to carry cash or credit cards

Many big brands like Starbucks and Chick-fil-A are seeing a huge uptick in the use of payment via smartphone apps. Customers love not having to dig through purses for wallets and it’s a great option if they forgot your credit card at home. With CyclePay, ESD® is helping you provide the same service as those big brands.

Customers can easily pay through the app, making the payment swift, convenient, and secure. Each time they login to the app they can quickly view their account balance and add funds so when it’s time to start laundry, they’re ready to go. The best part is, all this can be done without having to swipe a credit card or insert cash and coins into a machine.

CyclePay app eliminates the waiting game

Time is money, and there are so many other things your customers want to do other than wait for their laundry to be done. This app offers a solution to that problem so your customers can get their time back and quickly access the status of their laundry cycle. The app features real-time machine status so no one wastes time lugging their clothes there when all the washers are being used. It also tells customers how long they have left in their washing and drying cycle, which completely eliminates the waiting game.In addition to an easy start-to-finish process, ESD®’s CyclePay app also features a service request option so customers can alert you of any issues if needed. Your customers will love the streamlined experience of the app and as an owner/operator or manager you’ll love how easy it is to manage remotely. The convenience of the CyclePay app is truly a game changer in the laundromat industry.