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Top 4 Benefits of CyberLaundry

At ESD® we are proud to be the leader in the development of innovative, cost-effective, and flexible electronic payment systems. With systems designed to simplify laundry management, improve revenue, enhance laundry equipment functionality, and benefit laundry operators, owners, and users, we’re sure you’ll find a system that works best for your business. One of the flexible system laundromat owners and operators love is CyberLaundry and we’ve broken out exactly why below.

Retain customers with more payment options

CyberLaundry is designed to accept a wide variety of payment options including coins. Loyalty SmartCards, credit cards, and debit cards. Because there are more payment options with this system, customers will be drawn to the flexibility you offer. Take advantage of retaining repeat customers and avoid losing them to competitors by offering the payment options they want.

Makes monitoring and managing equipment a breeze

Because CyberLaundry is integrated with ESD®’s proprietary software, MyLaundryLink, it’s easy to monitor and manage equipment remotely all while tracking income and usage. This internet-based management software makes it possible for you to manage your equipment from anywhere and have access to the real-time reports you need, right when you need them. Afraid you’ll miss something? MyLaundryLink makes it possible for you to set email alerts when laundry equipment is inactive or broken so you don’t miss a beat.

Simple to install and use

CyberLaundry systems are known for being a breeze to install for laundromat owners and operators. By utilizing an ESD®-hosted application in the cloud and harnessing reliable wireless technology, these systems don’t require tricky hardwiring or in-house computers. With no software or backup to maintain, installation is quick and simple.

Offers CardSlide reader options

Since CyberLaundry is designed with you in mind, ESD® makes it possible for vended laundry owners to choose from one of two possible CardSlide types. Choose from SmartLink and CrossLink based on which works best for you and your customers and enjoy a fully customized experience from start to finish.

How to pick the best payment system for you

Depending on your business model and clientele, it’s important that you secure the right payment system to suit your needs. With over 35,000 laundromats nationwide, the needs from each laundromat varies which is why at ESD® we offer a wide variety of payment systems. These are all designed to have their own unique qualities, so you can get the equipment you need. Check out our electronic payment systems for vended laundry here and for multi-housing laundromats here.

If you’re still unsure of which payment system to select, your ESD® sales agent can help you determine the best system for your business. Give us a call at 800-523-1510 to learn more or contact us online today!