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The Differences Between SmartLink and CrossLink

At ESD® we are proud to have manufactured and engineered some of the most advanced payment systems for the multi-housing laundry industry. We know that the needs of a laundromat vary from location to location which is why we have built a portfolio of payment systems so you can choose the one that meets your specific needs, location, and budget. To help you learn more about these systems, we are taking a deep dive into two of these payment systems: SmartLink and CrossLink. 

Payment methods accepted by SmartLink and CrossLink

Both SmartLink and CrossLink accept multiple payment methods so residents and customers can easily pay at the machine using their preferred method. While many laundromat owners are moving away from accepting coins, there are currently about 29,5000 coin laundries in the United States which is why at ESD® we have created multiple methods. 

SmartLink uses high-speed WIFI to accept credit cards, debit cards, and ESD® SmartCards and CrossLink accepts coins, debit cards, and credit cards. If you’re looking to keep the option of coins at your laundromat, CrossLink is a great option for you but if you’re looking to eliminate coins altogether SmartLink is a better solution. 

Other equipment needed with SmartLink and CrossLink

At ESD® we know how important it is to have loyalty programs and consistent branding, which is why we created SmartCards. These cards can be completely customized to fit your aesthetic or include your logo and are a way for customers to add value and keep the card with them when they’re on the go. Because SmartLink also accepts ESD® SmartCards, one of the key components needed is a Value Transfer Machine (VTM™). This machine makes it easy to buy a SmartCard directly at your facility and add monetary value to it whenever needed.

Because CrossLink does not accept SmartCards, but does accept coins, each of the machines are stand alone and therefore you don’t need a VTM™ at your laundromat. Instead, we created a way to easily monitor coins in machines remotely so you can seamlessly manage your laundromat from anywhere you are. 

Benefits that both systems have

While the payment systems accepted by each of these machines are their main difference, there are a few benefits that carry over into both systems. Both SmartLink and CrossLink support our MyLaundryLink income and management website. Accessible remotely, this website is an amazing tool for owners and operators. 

MyLaundryLink allows the online monitoring of income and usage broken down by machine, can display a wide variety of reports, and supports remote equipment programming and price adjustments. Additionally, both SmartLink and CrossLink are compatible with all laundry equipment on the market so you can be rest assured whichever system you choose will be easy to install and simple to manage. 

Multi-housing laundry payment systems at ESD®

At ESD® we have created a variety of multiple payment systems that are designed to make owning and operating a laundromat a breeze. Whether you’re looking to continue accepting coins or want to accept loyalty cards and create a new experience with branded payment methods, we have options for you. Learn more about our electronic payment systems for multi-housing laundry or give us a call today at 800-523-1510.