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Best Payment Systems for Laundromat Owners

As a laundromat owner and operator, you know how important it is to provide reliable payment options for your customers. Consumers today like convenience and ease of use and that’s why at ESD® we are proud of our portfolio of electronic payment systems. As a leader in the industry in the development of innovative, cost-effective and flexible payment systems, we have a variety of electronic and mechanical payment solutions so you can run your business seamlessly.


The SmartCard is our flagship product at ESD® and is simple to use and a breeze to set up. This system is one of the most popular for multi-housing laundry operators and is in use at thousands of laundromats across the globe. These cards are the size of a credit card / debit card and can be modified and personalized for your brand. Customers simply add money to the card and then it is ready for use at washers and dryers in the laundromat.


CyberLaundry is an incredible system that offers flexibility and convenience. With two reader families, you have the ability to select the one that works best for you and your business. SmartLink readers accept credit cards, debit cards, loyalty chip cards, and loyalty mag cards, while CrossLink readers accept credit cards, debit cards, loyalty mag cards, and quarters.

SmartLink is a great option for multi-housing laundromats because it uses high-speed WIFI to accept payments and allows residents to easily pay at the machine using their preferred payment method. CrossLink has the added bonus of accepting coins which some customers still prefer so you can give your customers the payment flexibility they want.


Synergy is an incredibly reliable system that has an on-site server and wireless CardSlide readers. Synergy allows laundromat owners and operators the ability to access MyLaundryLink and remotely track equipment usage, income, and more.


With over 85% of people in the United States alone having a smartphone, it’s a game changer when businesses embrace mobile technology and offer a mobile payment option. Through our innovative CyclePay smartphone app, customers can do everything from their phones from adding value to checking the status of their laundry. This is a huge crowd pleaser for consumers today and does wonders for increasing loyalty and repeat business.


Trident is one of our newest payment systems at ESD® and provides the most technologically advanced acceptance for all payment options. Because the reader is PCI compliant and EMV chip enabled, it allows for the highest level of credit card acceptance in addition to the bonus of tap and go convenience.


These systems offer the flexibility of accepting both magnetic stripe loyalty cards as well as ESD® SmartCards. CyberWash card slides connect your on-site computers through a hardwired network and can even be designed to include a collection of marketing tools which are great at attracting and retaining customers.

Whether you’re looking for advanced technology and a wide range of payment options or just a simple machine that makes owning and operating a laundromat a breeze, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call at 800-523-1510 to learn which system will work best for your business today!