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CyclePay: The Latest Mobile Payment Technology for Laundromat Owners

With almost 300 million people in the United States using a smartphone this year, it’s never been more important for companies who want to remain competitive to find ways to be more mobile friendly. While adjusting content like emails and websites to be easily read and viewed on a cellphone is important, there are other ways to strategically market to smartphone users. That’s why, at ESD®, we developed CyclePay, a smartphone app that integrates with laundromat equipment, making it easy for your customers to pay directly with their phone.

How To Use The CyclePay App

CyclePay is an app available via the app store on smartphones that makes it a breeze for your customers to pay for their laundry from their phones. To use, customers simply go to the app store or Google play and download the ESD® CyclePay app to their smartphone. Once downloaded, they then create an account in the app and sign in to add value. Once value is added, they’re ready to go! Using their phone, customers enter the machine number or scan its unique QR code to start the machine and pay. As an added bonus, customers can easily check their balance and even receive alerts when their laundry is done.

Benefits Of Using CyclePay

One of the best perks for laundromat owners and operators who use CyclePay is its integration with ESD®’s MyLaundryLink software. This software makes it easy to manage all locations from a single interface and gather reports you need, right when you need them. In addition to being integrated with MyLaundryLink, there are other key benefits to using CyclePay.

  • Manage all locations on one interface. This is a game changer, especially for tech-savvy laundromat owners and those who own multiple units. With its state-of-the-art technology, CyclePay gives you the ability to manage all your locations quickly and easily from a single interface.
  • Fast and flexible option for your customers. Since payments are stored directly in the app and people love apps that are streamlined, customers can easily pay for their laundry securely right from their phone.
  • Marketing is made easy. With signage that is both eye-catching and customizable, you can effortlessly encourage the use of this advanced app with your customers.

Mobile Payment Is The Future

Mobile payments via smartphone have been on the rise in recent years. Many major companies have created apps that can accept payments and store funds, making it easier than ever before for consumers to shop. Companies that order quick service items like coffee and fast food initially saw the most success with this and as recently as Q4 2020, Starbucks stated that nearly a quarter of all their orders in the USA are placed from a phone.

Since laundromats are in their own way a quick service, it makes sense for them to accept mobile payments, and the CyclePay app is the ideal solution. With an estimated 1.31 billion mobile payment transactions worldwide in 2021, the time is now to utilize cutting-edge technologies and stay ahead of the curve. If you want to learn more about how ESD®’s CyclePay app can enhance your business, give us a call at 215-628-0860 or email us at