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Benefits of the CyberWash Payment System

At ESD®, we are proud to manufacture the leading electronic and mechanical payment systems for vended laundry. Throughout the years we have developed payment systems that allow for flexibility and ease of service and are proud of the portfolio of options we offer today. One of our popular options is CyberWash which is a payment system that offers the flexibility of accepting multiple payment choices that helps attract and retain customers. This system connects CyberWash CardSlides with any on-site computers through a hardwired network and has some strong benefits. Read on below to learn more about the main advantages of choosing the ESD® CyberWash system.

Accepts multiple payment options

CyberWash systems offer payment flexibility by accepting both magnetic stripe loyalty cards and ESD® SmartCards, which can be designed to fit any brand. Because the system is designed to accept multiple types of cards, it eliminates the need for coins and the associated hassles operators face when accepting them. As an added benefit, customers appreciate not having to carry quarters and / or use bill collectors and having a seamless process in a secure vended laundry environment.

You can set discounts to stay consistently busy

Laundromat owners and operators who use CyberWash can set up special time-of-day and day-of-week pricing. This benefit encourages usage during typically quiet hours, and it helps you to target specific markets so you can ensure your equipment gets the most usage possible and your ROI is maximized.

CyberWash encourages exceptional security

There are two computers which house and manage all accounting information at the core of each CyberWash system. These units have mirrored hard drives which synchronize to ensure the same information is on each unit which provides an additional level of security should there be any error with either computer. Additionally, it is designed to keep vended laundry continuously operating so you don’t lose any revenue.

Since the CyberWash system is accessible remotely, it also gives you the ability to gain access to the system 24/7. Access a variety of income reports, change vend prices, give bonuses, and set specials from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Marketing programs encourage loyalty

One of the best benefits for customer retention and loyalty with CyberWash are the several marketing programs the CyberWash system has. Some of the most popular are the Wash Loyalty program which rewards repeat customers with free wash cycles based on usage and the Wash Dry Transfer program which offers free dry time based on washer usage. Another great program is the Mystery Vend program which gives your customers a surprise free vender after a predetermined number of cycles. Finally, you can provide cycle-based pricing on some brands and even charge more for added services like an extra wash, spin, or delicate cycle.

ESD® laundromat payment systems

At ESD®, our payment systems are proven, durable, and are all designed to improve revenue and customer satisfaction for vended laundry. Select from our wide range of trusted payment systems like CyberWash, CyberLaundry, and more, to ensure you have the best equipment to help you run your laundromat. If you are looking to add an advanced payment system to your business or are curious about how ESD® can help you run your laundromat with ease, give us a call today at 800-523-1510!