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Top Tips to Make Your Customers’ Trip to the Laundromat Easier

Customer experience is critical for a business to become and remain successful, especially if it is a business that provides a good or service and has stiff competition. Laundromats are no exception, and while many choose a store based on convenience of location and price, there are a few specific ways owners and operators can make the experience a little easier and more appealing to customers.

Clear and informative signage

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than arriving at a store only to discover that you are unable to figure out how to get what you need. For businesses where customers rely on their own knowledge to easily use equipment and make a purchase, this can be a game changer and an uncomfortable experience can easily turn into a game changer. The best way to combat this in the laundromat business is by providing clear and informative signage throughout the store.

First and foremost, signage should be easy to read and located at eye level and / or in obvious spots. It’s also important that your signage has succinct messaging that gets the point across as quickly as possible. There have been hundreds of studies conducted that have proven people don’t read, but rather they scan. Because of this, it’s crucial you don’t bury the message or instructions in a lengthy sentence or paragraph, or your customer will be at risk of missing the message altogether and feeling even more confused.

Signage should also be informative. If you introduce a new machine or product, find the simplest way to explain how to use it and then post it in an easy to spot place. If there are a few steps to using a machine, each should be clearly stated. If the way you accept payment isn’t obvious, make sure you have signage that informs customers how to pay. This might seem tedious, but a little effort goes a long way.

Take advantage of a smartphone app

With more than 285 million people in the US expected to have a smartphone by 2023, it’s safe to say that your customer probably has one with them when they come to do their laundry. If you have an app that streamlines the process of doing laundry, you can rest assured that your customers will be impressed, and your revenue will flourish as a result.

At ESD®, we always aim to be ahead of the game, which is why we developed CyclePay, a smartphone app that integrates with your laundry equipment. This app makes it easy for your customers to pay for their laundry, check their laundry status, and even check account balances directly from their phones. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to manage all your locations from a single interface and make real-time changes to your laundries as needed.

Upgrade equipment

Many people look at doing laundry as a chore, and no one likes to lug their dirty clothes to a laundromat only to discover the equipment is out of order. If you have older equipment or are in need of more bells and whistles, making the investment to upgrade equipment could be just what you need to start seeing your profit go up.

At ESD® we have created a portfolio of flexible payment systems that are convenient for customer usage, boost customer retention, simplify vended laundry management, and streamline the process and they all are compatible with any laundry equipment on the market. Interested in upgrading your equipment and efficiency so you can improve your customers’ experience? Give us a call today at 800-523-1510 to learn how ESD® can help you run your laundromat more efficiently.