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vended laundry electronic payment system


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Depending on the CardSlide Reader selected, the Synergy System can accept loyalty cards and coins at the washer or dryer. Customers relish this convenience. They simply load value onto their loyalty cards using the ESD Payment Center, which accepts cash, credit/debit cards, “tap-and-pay,” and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards. The system is simple to install and highly reliable since it isn’t reliant on the Internet. It also offers smartcard backup. Laundry owners can use a computer, smartphone or netbook, and an Internet connection to remotely monitor their laundries, run reports and track income.


Synergy laundries use personalized magnetic stripe loyalty cards. Customers add value to the card using the ESD Payment Center, often in a value in excess of what they actually spend in a single visit. This brings them back to the vended laundry in order to use up the remaining funds. Synergy personalized loyalty cards are inexpensive because they use magnetic stripe technology. When they are used, there aren’t any processing fees.


When a loyalty card is swiped at a washer or dryer, the Synergy CardSlide reads the information and sends it over local WIFI to a computer server(s) located inside the laundry. The server contains a database that stores loyalty card customer information. If the customer has enough value on his/her card, the system approves the transaction and the customer can start the machine. In the event local WIFI is down, customers can operate equipment using back-up smartcards.


Using an Internet-enabled device, vended laundry owners can log into MyLaundryLink and get real-time information about their stores. They can track coin, credit card and debit card income on all washers and dryers with an ESD CardSlide. MyLaundryLink, which is maintained by ESD via a secure website, is accessible by entering a unique username and password. View income reports, tweak laundry equipment programs and monitor loyalty cards via your remote computer or smartphone using the Internet. This connectivity gives laundry owners full accountability and versatility that includes the ability to change vend price, run specials, start laundry equipment and view revenue hour by hour. Owners can also check coin usage before coin collection!


The ESD Payment Center allows customers to load value onto loyalty cards, which are then used to operate washers and dryers in the laundry. ESD Payment Center features a color touch-screen monitor and audio prompts that assist the customer in registering their account, viewing their loyalty card balance, adding value to their loyalty card, or buying a new magstripe loyalty card. ESD Payment Center accepts cash, credit/debit cards, “tap-and-pay,” and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards.

When it is not in use, the ESD Payment Center can display advertising or promotional graphics and videos. A prize for points program can be established where customers receive points for adding value to their loyalty cards. The ESD Payment Center can be set up to track employee time and attendance data, create and review service log entries. The ESD Payment Center is equipped with as many as 14 language choices, with four choices available at a time; it has Data-Trac, ESD’s serial number card tracking feature; and can run self-diagnostics.