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MYLAUNDRYLINK SOFTWARE ESD's Exclusive Internet Based Software for Auditing, Accounting and Service Alerts.

ESD MyLaundryLink Software is an Internet-based program used for online reports and auditing of a location’s activity. It is maintained by ESD in a secure website, which can be accessed by entering a unique username and password. MyLaundryLink can track the income of all washers and dryers with an ESD CardSlide. It will track credit card and debit card income, proprietary card income, and if so equipped, coin income in real time. It also tracks the activity of a VTM™.

All transactions are recorded on an individual machine basis, minute by minute, making it possible to learn the usage tendencies of all the locations equipment over a 24/7 period. This information can be reported in a variety of reports and printed in pdf format. With certain VTMs™, the software will provide a method for customers to register. This allows the operator to monitor individual customer activity. MyLaundryLink can be used to track value added to propriety cards with cash, credit or debit cards; manipulate CardSlide pricing from a remote location; and serves as a time clock for employees.

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ESD'S MOBILE WALLET - Now You Can Start and Monitor Washers and Dryers in a Laundry With Your Smart Phone.

ESD brings the cutting edge technology of a mobile wallet to the laundry industry. If a laundry consumer
has a smart phone, they can now use that phone to start a washer or dryer at a participating ESD
equipped laundry. Here is how it works:

Consumers can download the ESD phone app from the Google Play store or from iTunes. When they have done this, the consumer will obtain a Mag Stripe card from a VTM™ in the laundry location where they plan to use the app. When the consumer opens the phone app, they will be asked to identify their chosen location on the phone and they will be asked to scan the QR code located on the back of the Mag Stripe card they have just obtained. The consumer can add value to the card at the VTM™ in the store where they purchased the card using cash or credit, or they can add value with a credit or debit card over the Internet by accessing an ESD created web site. The phone app is now ready to use.

Every washer and dryer in the laundry will have a QR code affixed to the face of the machine. The customer will simply select the machines they want to use and scan the QR code on the machine with their smart phone. Next, they will see various pricing options displayed on their phone; for example, heavy soil, extra rinse, top-off for the dryers, the consumer will select the wash or dry cycle of their choice and push start. The display will now show the time remaining to complete the cycle and the phone will vibrate when the cycle is finished.

Other features on the app include the capability of viewing all of the machines in the laundry to see what equipment is currently available or in use. The consumer can access their available balance, and see what rewards points they have earned for machine usage and what bonus points they have earned from adding value. Finally, the store owner can send direct messages to all of his smart phone consumers and offer special marketing promotions.


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