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SmartLink CardSlides accepts both SmartCards and Mag-stripe Cards and connects to the Internet using wireless technology.

A SmartLink reader provides stand-alone SmartCard payment acceptance with no need for an on-site or off-site database to approve vend starts because the information is on the card. The real versatility of the SmartLink CardSlide is that it will also read a Mag stripe card which allows it to accept credit and debit cards. Every SmartLink CardSlide in the laundry is connected to the Internet through reliable wireless technology which is achieved through using an on-site modem or air card. If the Internet goes off-line for any reason, the SmartLink CardSlide continues to accept SmartCards. This flexibility allows the operator to accept SmartCards and credit and debit cards on every machine. Finally, SmartLink offers an operator the ability to monitor and interact with each machine in the laundry through ESD MyLaundryLink website which allows full accountability of all revenue.  View Brochure

  • Accepts both Smart Cards and Mag-stripe cards
  • No hardwiring is required
  • Bright, illuminated display

  • High-speed, business-level Internet service

  • Designed to fit into the coin slide or coin box opening on a washer or dryer


    A SerialLink Wireless CardSlide Functions Like The Standard SmartLink CardSlide, But Uses the Washer or Dryer Display And Communicates Using a More Complex Protocol.

    The SerialLink CardSlide is similar to other serial readers in that it communicates with the washer or dryer controls at a higher level protocol allowing for tiered pricing; it does not have a display, it uses the display on the machine. It differs from other serial readers in that it is mounted in a bezel designed to mount in a coin slide opening, or in the coin vault opening. But it is similar in that it will read both the smart chip on an inserted SmartCard and the Mag stripe on a Credit Card, Debit Card or personalized loyalty card.


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