smartcard products

ESD LAUNDRY LOGIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Basic - The Laundry Logic Management System Software is used for a variety of tasks. It is available for a single site owner in the Laundry Logic Basic edition and for a multi-site owner in the Laundry Logic Professional edition.

In a SmartCard System the LLMS offers the functions needed to review all the transactional information in a single location. The Basic Edition presents a grid layout to list and identify all of the machines in the location. The User has the ability to change passwords, enter location facts and view the information on a MoneyCard or setup cards and management cards. The software is used to set the price, cycle time, and pricing special for all the machines. It is used to setup the VTM™, to establish award values, card pricing, maximum revalues, enable Spanish prompts and manage various accounting functions. Finally the user can view audit cards and create adjustments from CardSlide and VTM™ audits.


  • User can create audit adjustments from the software
  • User can view audits from audit cards

ESD LAUNDRY LOGIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Professional - Designed for the Multi-Location Owner, Professional Edition offers all functions needed to review information about single or multiple sites. In addition to features found in the Basic Edition, the Professional Edition includes numerous reports that display complete usage and revenue data. The Professional Edition offers a choice of a list layout or a visual layout to list and identify all machines in each location. The visual layout allows the operator to simulate machine placement and associate setups with the readers of an actual location. The administrative user has the ability to create new user accounts and change passwords, enter location information, view the information on a MoneyCard, and create Setup Cards or Management Cards.

The LLMS Professional Edition supports CardSlide Setup Utilities, software that is used to set the cycle price, cycle time, and special pricing information such as time of day specials and class specials on all machines. The LLMS Professional Edition also supports VTM™ Setup Utilities.


  • User can create audit adjustments from the software
  • User can view audits from audit cards
  • LLMS has a machine database import utility for future machine upgrades
  • LLMS Professional has a backup and restore feature to preserve the database
  • LLMS Professional can import data from previous versions to retain customer records
  • LLMS Professional will retain machine list and informationfrom each location

POS SYSTEM - ESD's Point of Sale Hardware and Software is Designed for Retail Laundry and Dry Cleaning Operations to Manage Their Entire Business.
The ESD POS System is a package that includes both Hardware and Software. POS allows an operator to manage all aspects of their business from drop-off laundry, dry cleaning, alterations and over the counter sales, to inventory control and function as employee time clock. With the easy to use POS touch screen operation, order entry, customer information and detailed order instructions are entered into the system in just seconds. POS is completely bi-lingual and allows the operator to choose between English or Spanish displays. The POS System features bright and easy to read icons throughout making the ESD POS system the most user friendly product available in the industry.

Inventory control and retail product sales utilize an easy to use bar code scanner and with the optional digital drop-off scale, orders can be tracked by the ounce; the thermal receipt printer prints in triplicate for drop-off orders providing the customer with all details. POS comes standard with a lockable secure cash drawer and pin number activated system, it is possible to track every dollar in the store touched by each employee.


  • Easy to Use Touch Screen Operation
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Secure Cash Drawer
  • Complete Integration with ESD Card System
  • Optional Digital Scale with Laundry Basket
  • Optional Credit and Debit Card Acceptance