multi-housing payment systems
electronic payment systems

At ESD, we have engineered and manufactured payment systems for multi-housing laundries for more than 45 years. Multi-housing laundries are laundries located in apartment complexes, duplexes, and dormitories – anywhere central laundries serve multiple residents. ESD offers a variety of payment systems to meet your specific needs, location, and budget. Our mechanical coin slides and electronic card-operated payment systems are compatible with nearly all washers and dryers on the market!


ESD electronic laundry payment systems allow residents to operate laundry equipment using a combination of cards (credit, debit, EBT, and loyalty) and coins, depending on the system selected. Depending on which product line is used, laundry operators gain access to a superior laundry management systems – MyLaundryLink for wireless systems, and LaundryLogic for smartcard systems. MyLaundryLink allows online monitoring of income and usage by machine, and it can also display a wide variety of reports. MyLaundryLink also supports remote equipment programming, and remote vend price adjustments. MyLaundryLink is available on the SmartLink, CrossLink, and MasterLink platforms.

smart card system


ESD's flagship product, the SmartCard Electronic Payment System is simple to use and set up. This system is the favorite of multi-housing laundry operators and is in place at hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide. Residents, use a SmartCard or MoneyCard (incorporates a small, embedded computer chip), instead of coins, to start laundry equipment. Using chip-based cards, we eliminate the need for on-site or off-site databases, as all necessary information is stored locally on each users' card.

  • Simple Installation & Set Up
  • Accepts Loyalty SmartCards/MoneyCards at the Washer or Dryer
  • Components include SmartCards/MoneyCards, CardSlide Readers, Value Transfer Machine (VTM™)
    and Management Cards
  • Compatible with all laundry equipment on the market
  • SmartCards available for Door Access and Vending Machines

  • smart link system


    The SmartLink Electronic Payment System harnesses high-speed wireless Internet to allow acceptance of credit cards and debit cards in addition to ESD SmartCards. By offering multiple payment technologies – all through one multi-use CardSlide Reader – residents can pay at the machine using their preferred method of choice. Meanwhile, laundry operators can easily track equipment usage and income, run reports, and tweak equipment programming by accessing MyLaundryLink (ESD's wireless system management website).

  • Easy to install
  • Accepts SmartCards, credit, and debit cards
  • Supports MyLaundryLink income/management website
  • Laundry Aware Monitoring System allows residents to monitor laundry status online
  • Components include SmartLink Card Readers, loyalty cards, Value Transfer Machine, Management Cards, and connectivity package
  • Compatible with all laundry equipment on the market
  • When a VTM is used on location, SmartLink can also potentially accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards and cash

  • cross link systems


    The CrossLink Electronic Payment System allows residents to pay at the washer or dryer with coins, debit cards, and credit cards. CrossLink eases the burden of coin collection and allows operators to keep their coin acceptance while accepting credit cards. Like the SmartLink product line, CrossLink supports MyLaundryLink, ESD's online site management website.

  • Easy to install
  • Accepts coins, credit, and debit cards
  • Supports MyLaundryLink income/management website
  • Components include CrossLink Card Readers, Management Cards, and Connectivity Package
  • Compatible with all laundry equipment on the market
  • Allows remote monitoring of coins in machines

  • masterlink system


    Simple to install and operate, MasterLink is a wireless system perfectly suited for central laundries with eight pieces of equipment or less. MasterLink comes in two varieties: SmartLink and CrossLink. It offers customers the option of using coins, credit, and debit cards on every washer and dryer. The system also accepts magnetic-stripe cards and SmartCards. MasterLink systems support ESD's MyLaundryLink Internet management software. Meanwhile customers can monitor the status of their wash using the ESD smartphone app or Laundry Aware monitoring system.

  • Simple Installation
  • Designed for Smaller Laundries (8 washers/dryers or less)
  • Independent Operation on Wireless Internet Connection
  • No Value Transfer Machines (VTMs™) or routers needed
  • Accepts coins (CrossLink), SmartCards (SmartLink), magnetic-stripe cards, and credit/debit cards
  • Supports MyLaundryLink income/management website
  • Compatible with all laundry equipment on the market