arcade & gaming payment systems
mechanical payment system components

ESD has engineered and manufactured mechanical payment systems since its establishment in 1969. Virtually every pool table, foosball table, and sticker machine in America is equipped with an ESD coin slide.


The first of these legacy products are coin slides. Today, coin slides are manufactured in four configurations – Vertical 4, Vertical 5, Vertical 8 and Vertical 14 – providing maximum pricing flexibility for any vended laundry application (from $.05 – $6.50). Many devices, designed to enhance security and discourage cheating and vandalism, feature cases with hardened steel parts to resist damage from slamming, and stainless steel slide gates to discourage tampering. Anti-theft deterrents include slug-attracting magnets and secondary anti-stringing security gates. At ESD, we provide coin slides that accept tokens and the currency of more than 70 countries worldwide.  View in Catalog


ESD offers a variety of accessories, including price decals, washer/dryer slide extensions and activation controls, audit control extensions, coin tokens, security plates and more.  View in Catalog

Instructional Videos

Coin Slide: How to change the price. – View Video