electronic payment systems

ESD is an industry leader in the development of innovative, cost-effective, and flexible electronic payment systems. Our payment solutions are engineered to simplify laundry management, enhance laundry equipment functionality, heighten laundry room security, improve revenue, and benefit laundry operators, owners, and users.

Offering the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use, ESD electronic payment systems come in a variety of models to perfectly fit an array of needs.  While some are stand-alone systems that use loyalty SmartCards, others operate using high-speed WIFI and work with coins, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty SmartCards, and Electronic Benefit Transfer cards.

We offer Electronic Payment Systems for MULTI-HOUSING LAUNDRIES and VENDED LAUNDRIES. We also offer MECHANICAL PAYMENT options.

ESD card systems accept just about every payment method. Cash, credit, debit, pin-based debit, EMV, EBT, and NFC, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and any other NFC enabled devices.1

1Some product lines do not support the acceptance of all payment types. Consult your ESD sales person to verify the availability of each payment method.