cyberwash electronic payment system
vended laundry electronic payment system


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Forming the operational core of the CyberWash system are two computers, that operate and manage all accounting information.  These are independent units with mirrored hard drives that synchronize so that the same information is on each unit. This redundancy provides an extra level of security should there ever be an issue with either computer. It has been designed to keep a vended laundry continuously operating without failure. The system has remote access capability that gives the operator 24/7 admission to a variety of income reports and interaction with machines to change vend price, give bonuses, and set specials.


The CyberWash system features several marketing programs. The Wash Loyalty program rewards regular customers with free wash cycles based on usage. Similarly, the Wash Dry Transfer program offers free dry time based on washer use, which eliminates the abuses often associated with a free dry store. There is a Mystery Vend program that gives the customer a surprise free vend after a predetermined number of cycles. CyberWash also offers time-of-day and day-of-week pricing and allows owners to set up special discounts for specific target markets. CyberWash can provide cycle-based pricing on some brands that allow owners to charge more for added services, such as an extra wash, spin, or delicate cycle. Finally, the operator can build a customer data base using the customer registration features of the VTM™.


When a magnetic stripe loyalty card is inserted into the CardSlide on a washer or dryer, it reads the account information and sends it over the CyberWash network cabling, through a Hub, and on to the on-site database, where all the data is maintained. The location code or site code is checked, the account balance is verified, and if the transaction is approved, a start signal is sent back to the machine, and the remaining balance of the laundry card is updated. This whole process is completed virtually instantly. In the unlikely event there is a failure of the internal operating system, the laundry can still be operational by switching to SmartCards, which can also be read by a CyberWash CardSlide. With all Mag-Stripe systems, we recommend having a stash of chip-based moneycards in case of emergency.


The CyberWash System eliminates the use of quarters and the associated hassles of coin collection for operators. Meanwhile, vended laundry customers appreciate not having to carry quarters and use bill changers. This can create a more secure environment.

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ESD loyalty cards allow customers to carry value on cards – without carrying cash to their vended laundry of choice. Card artwork can be customized to display your brand. To add value to their loyalty cards, residents use the laundry’s Value Transfer Machines (VTM™).

CyberWash Reader


The CyberWash CardSlide and Reader offer the flexibility of reading both SmartCards and magnetic stripe cards.


CyberWash CardSlide Readers are easily set up using Management Cards. While the network connections for the system are pre-configured on the equipment before it is shipped, the Management Cards allow operators to control and test this connection. The cards also allow technicians to test machines upon installation without need for personal credit cards.


Several types of VTMs™, which work in concert with the CyberWash System, allow customers to add value to their SmartCards and MoneyCards. ESD offers a variety of VTMs™, from a basic cash-to-card machine to VTMs™ that feature a customer-friendly interactive touch screen and accept both cash and cards.



Account Manager Software conveys total accountability allows full system control over laundry operation. It produces income reports on all of the revenue collected by each machine in the laundry and it allows operators to manage each reader from a remote location. It also allows loyalty cards to be revalued remotely.


ESD’s smartphone app – available iPhone and Android devices – allows customers to view the status of a washer or dryer, start a machine and view transactional histories. From a smartphone, the app interacts with a vended laundry’s wireless payment system and data stored in the cloud to retrieve information and start equipment. Ask your ESD sales rep for details and availability.