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ESD ACCOUNT MANAGER SOFTWARE- The Account Manager Contains the Database for a Hardwired CyberWash Location, Records All Transactions, Creates Revenue Reports and Executes Operational Functions

The CyberWash Account Manager Software application allows the operator to completely manage a CyberWash Mag Stripe payment system. The Software provides an efficient way to interact with CardSlides, Value Transfer Machines, CyberWash Cards and customer accounts. The Account Manager also includes the COM Center application which communicates with CyberWash Machines, authorizes vends and updates customer balances in the Account Manager database.

The Account Manager records all transactions that take place in the laundry’s machines providing the operator the opportunity to view reports on the Account manager computer monitor, and it generates a large variety of comprehensive written reports. The operator can collect time and attendance data for all employees, when a washer or dryer is serviced it can be entered into the Account Manager Service log. The Account Manager operates on two PC computers that mirror each other for redundant protection.


Cards, Cardslides, Value Transfer Machines, and Accessories.