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CyberWash Cardslides

CyberWash CardSlides Offer the Flexibility of Reading Both SmartCards and Mag stripe Cards
CyberWash CardSlides are designed to connect with the location’s on-site computers via a hardwired network; they will read SmartCards and Mag stripe cards. When a Mag stripe card is inserted, the information on the card is sent through the network to the computers which contain the location’s data base. If the inserted card has sufficient funds available the computer will send back an approval and signal the machine to start. If a SmartCard is inserted the CardSlide will read the information directly from the card and the need to access the computer is eliminated; this provides operational continuity in the event of a computer malfunction. CyberWash CardSlides have an LED display that will indicate the vend price. CyberWash CardSlides employ a bezel that is designed to fit into the opening where the coin slide or money box is mounted.  View Brochure


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