cyberlaundry electronic payment system
vended laundry electronic payment system


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CyberLaundry brings more payment options to vended laundry customers – allowing coins, loyalty SmartCards and credit/debit cards, depending on the CardSlide selected. By providing more payment options, no customers are lost to the competition. Meanwhile vended laundry owners can closely monitor and manage equipment and track income and usage.


Harnessing reliable wireless technology and utilizing an ESD-hosted application in the cloud, CyberLaundry Systems are simple to install. They don’t require any hardwiring or computers in-house and there is no software or backup to maintain. Every CyberLaundry CardSlide is connected through reliable wireless technology, and because there is no hardwiring, installation is quick and simple.


Vended laundry owners can choose from one of two possible CardSlide types – SmartLink and CrossLink. While SmartLink readers can come in two variations, Ruby SmartLink readers (picture on the left) and Blue-Face SerialLink readers (picture on the right), they are both considered SmartLink.

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Customized Loyalty Cards

CyberLaundries use personalized magnetic stripe loyalty cards. Customers add value to the card using a Value Transfer Machine (VTM™), often in a value in excess of what they actually spend in a single visit. This brings them back to the vended laundry in order to use up the remaining funds. CyberLaundry personalized loyalty cards are inexpensive because they use magnetic stripe technology. When they are used, there aren’t any processing fees.


My Laundry Link software allows owners to monitor and interact with every machine in the laundry, including the VTM™, which transfers value to loyalty cards. Using an Internet-enabled device, vended laundry owners can log into MyLaundryLink and get real-time information; track coin, credit card and debit card income on all washers and dryers; run income and usage reports; and more. MyLaundryLink allows vended laundry owners to manage each CardSlide and revalue loyalty cards from a remote location, as well.  Maintained by ESD via a secure website, MyLaundryLink management software also allows vended laundry owners to run specials and better market their laundries. MyLaundryLink will even send vended laundry owners emails alerting them to inactive or downed laundry equipment!
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do not accept coins and are installed where a coin box is normally located. It accepts credit, debit and personalized loyalty cards.

The SmartLink Serial CardSlide offers the unique advantage of also accepting SmartCards, which will operate even when there is an Internet disruption.


Continue to accept coins on traditional coin-operated laundry equipment. A card swipe is mounted on the face of the machine to accept credit and debit cards, or personalized loyalty cards. The CrossLink Reader is mounted inside the machine.


There are several VTMs™ that work seamlessly with the CyberLaundry System. VTMs™ allow vended laundry customers to add value to their loyalty cards. Choose from an economical cash-to-card machine, or a touch-screen VTM™ that loads monetary value onto loyalty cards by inserting cash or cards.


CyberLaundry cardslides/readers are easily set up using a set of Management Cards. While the network connections for the system are pre-configured on the equipment before it is shipped, the Management Cards allow operators to control and test this connection. The cards also allow technicians to test machines upon installation without need for personal credit cards.


ESD’s smartphone app – available for both iPhone and Android – allows customers to view the status of a washer or dryer, start a machine and view transactional histories. From a smartphone, the app interacts with a vended laundry’s wireless payment system and data stored in the cloud to retrieve information and start equipment. Customers can load laundry and then go shopping, study or run an errant. Once laundry is completed, their smartphones alert them! Additionally, when a loyalty card is linked to the smartphone, all transactions are available via the app – making it simple for customers to see how the value on their account was used and when. Since all data is linked through the app, vended laundry owners can also push promotions and news through customer smartphones.


CyberLaundry is provided by ESD's limited factory warranty.1 Contact ESD for more information.

1ESD User and Management Cards are provided as-is and are not covered under warranty.