CyberLaundry Products

MYLAUNDRYLINK ESD's Exclusive Web-Based Software for Auditing, Accounting, and Service Alerts.

ESD MyLaundryLink Software is an Internet based program used for online reports and auditing of a location’s activity. It is maintained by ESD in a secure website which can be accessed by entering a unique username and password. MyLaundryLink can track the income of all washers and dryers on which there is an ESD CardSlide attached. It will track credit card and debit card income, proprietary card income, and if so equipped, coin income in real time and it will track the activity of a VTM™.

All transactions are recorded on an individual machine basis, minute by minute, making it possible to learn the usage tendencies of all the locations equipment over a 24/7 period. This information can be reported in a variety of reports and printed in pdf format. With certain VTMs™, the software will provide a method for customers to register and subsequently allow the operator to monitor individual customer activity. Included in the additional features of the software, it can be used to track value added to propriety cards with cash, credit or debit cards, it can manipulate CardSlide pricing from a remote location and it will serve as a time clock for employees.  View Brochure

SmartPhone App

With CyberLaundry, you get a cloud-based system that allows use of the ESD CyberLaundry App.

ESD’s smartphone app – available for both iPhone and Android – allows customers to view the status of a washer or dryer, start a machine and view transactional histories. From a smartphone, the app interacts with a vended laundry’s wireless payment system and data stored in the cloud to retrieve information and start equipment.  View Brochure


Designed for ESD Wireless Systems, Wireless Edition offers all functions needed to review information about single or multiple sites. In addition to features found in the Basic Edition, Wireless edition can include numerous reports that display complete usage and revenue data (be sure to ask your salesperson for availability). The Wireless Edition offers a choice of a list layout or a visual layout to list and identify all machines in each location. The visual layout allows the operator to simulate machine placement and associate setups with the readers of an actual location. The administrative user has the ability to create new user accounts and change passwords, enter location information, view the information on a MoneyCard, and create Setup Cards or Management Cards.  View Brochure


Cards, CardSlides, Value Transfer Machines, and Accessories