Cyberlaundry products

CYBERLAUNDRY CARDS - A Colorful, Eye Grabbing Design That Will Help To Sell Your Laundry and Its Services
The CyberLaundry Card is a Mag-Stripe Card with colorful graphics on the face and a (ESN) electronic serial number printed on the reverse side. Because these cards are meant to be retained by the user and there is a warning to be mindful of the card and to treat it like cash; this warning is printed in both Spanish and English.

CUSTOM MAG STRIP CARDS - FULL COLOR - Personalized With a Unique Logo and Location Information Printed in Full Color On the Card Face
For maximum marketing advantage these custom Mag stripe cards will display your personal brand as well as the location address and phone number. The reverse side will still display the (ESN) electronic serial number and the security warnings.

MANAGEMENT CARDS - Management Cards Are Used to Perform a Variety of Tasks; They Are Used in Every Electronic Payment System To Setup Readers
A complete management card set is included with the purchase of any ESD Electronic Payment System.  The set of cards included will depend on the products that have been purchased. A SmartCard System set will include the largest number of management cards, but every system will used setup cards for the readers.  Many of the different cards are described below:

  • Set Up Cards – These cards are programmed using ESD's Laundry Logic software (LLMS) on a PC with an elective set of user defined parameters including vend price, special time discounts, class discounts, run time, and top-off for dryers. After programming this information, cards are inserted into the appropriate CardSlide of either a washer, dryer, or vending machine.
  • Super Audit Card – CSU – This card is used to collect discreet and accountable data from 16 CardSlides on a single card. Data will then be downloaded and processed by the LLMS software on a PC
  • Visual Audit Card – VTM™ – This card provides visual collection data from the VTM™ which can be read on the VTM™ display on site.
  • Audit Card – VTM™ – This card is used to collect discreet and accountable data from 1 VTM™. Data will then be downloaded and processed by the LLMS software on a PC.
  • Data Track – This card activates a unique card tracking function, which allows management to verify the activity of a customer's card and provide the operator an accurate accountability of all funds added to the customers card.
  • Clear Card – Removes all information from the reader
  • Diagnostic Card – Aids service technicians in repairing devices
  • DVTM Key Card – Cards are assigned to various operators so that operation of individual users can be accounted for
  • Time Card – Sets the present time and and date on the reader
  • Network Card – Used to program connectivity between readers and hubs or routers