synergy electronic payment system

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smart card system


Synergy can harness one of several VTM™ types. The Synergy Payment Center can revalue mag-stripe loyalty cards using credit/debit cards, NFC capable devices (Apple Pay etc), Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), and cash. The Synergy Deluxe VTM™ can revalue loyalty cards using cash only.


The Synergy Payment Center VTM™ has a full color intuitive touch-screen monitor and audio prompts that assist the customer in registering their account, viewing their card balance, adding value to their card, or buying a new magstripe loyalty card. The Payment Center VTM™ accepts cash, credit and debit cards. It also accepts pin-based debit cards, and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards.


The Synergy system is the only system on the market to work seamlessly with smartphone “tap-and-pay.” With “tap-and-pay” customers use mobile payment applications, such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, LoopPay and Samsung Pay to transfer payment. Customers simply place their smartphones near the VTM™ reader and instantaneously transfer value from a selected credit card to their laundry loyalty cards.

Video/Graphic Display

When the VTM™ is not in use, it can display advertising or promotional graphics and videos. A prize for points program can be established where customers receive points for adding value to their magstripe cards. The VTM™ can be set up to track employee time and attendance data, create and review service log entries. The Synergy Ultimate Touch VTM™ is equipped with as many as 14 language choices, with four choices available at a time; has Data-Trac, ESD’s serial number card tracking feature; can run self-diagnostics; and is available as a rear access.


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